“If this is magic,” I whispered to the wispy clouds overhead, “then I promise to believe in it.”


Beautiful Curse

Psyche Jones just wants to be normal, but between her mom walking out, her own suddenly too-good-to-be-true appearance, and the way everyone at school treats her, normal is next to impossible.  When her beauty  catches the attention of the mysterious Ross, she leaves her old life behind and takes a chance on the stranger. Everything with Ross is magical, from his toe-curling kisses to the invisible servants who staff his castle, but loving him might be more than a mere mortal like Psyche can handle. Has she wandered into an unexpected fairy tale, or does something ancient and dark threaten her love?

Beautiful Curse is a re-imagining of the myth of Cupid and Psyche.

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What People are Saying:

*Winner of the Gayle Wilson Award for Excellence in Fiction.*

“A fun and fresh twist on a well-loved story! The Cupid and Psyche romance is my favorite myth and McConnel’s whimsical take did not disappoint. An absolute delight, I loved every moment of this love story and instantly wanted more.” – New York Times bestselling author Rachel Harris

Beautiful Curse is the perfect balance of mysterious and romantic. You’ll swoon over this imaginative retelling of Cupid and Psyche.”   – Robin Constantine, author of THE PROMISE OF AMAZING.



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