Book cover with spiralsCheck out my new book, Styling Your Writing: Mixing and Matching Academic Writing Techniques to Create Something Uniquely You

What Folks Are Saying:

"Not all writing experiences are the same and McConnel invites readers into writing their way. Using student perspectives, promising writing practices, and a dash of personality she gives readers permission to move beyond traditional college-level writing. Styling Your Writing is a gem that encourages writers to honor their voice in order to find a writing style for every occasion." - Andy Schoenborn, co-author of Creating Confident Writers: For High School, College, and Life

"Styling Your Writing is a ‘Show and Tell’ for the new academic writer. McConnel shows readers how to find their academic voice by modelling her journey as a writer and sharing clever practices that empower an authentic academic voice." - Christopher DeLuca, Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies, Professor, Faculty of Education, Queen’s University

"Styling Your Writing speaks to the heart of writing and is a necessary companion to inspire writers to achieve their own writing style and find joy in writing. This style guide for writing shares ready-to-use strategies for a variety of writing types, narratives from students, and tips to navigate through all parts of the writing process. Teaching writing can be tough, but. McConnel shifts away uneasiness and hesitation while making even Academic writing meaningful and personal." --Ashley Walker, High School Assistant Principal and President of Virginia Association of Teachers of English

Research and Scholarship

Literacy, teacher professional development, and YA literature in the classroom.

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From magical worlds to romantic suspense.

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Other Writing

Poetry, myth, and magic.

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