Some curses aren’t meant to be broken…

Curse of Stone

Julia is depressed. Ever since her mom died, it’s been hard for Julia to enjoy life, even when she’s spending a year studying in Rome. But when an ancient curse attaches itself to her, Julia realizes that she isn’t ready to give up. With the help of Fernando, a too-charming-for-words guy from her art history class (and the heir to a black market antiquities business), Julia feels like she might have a second chance at everything. But time is running out, and the curse makes it a matter of life or death. Can Julia and Nando break the curse, or is it already too late?

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Curse of Gold

When Riley moved to London, she didn’t believe in the family curse. But now she can’t deny what her grandmother has been telling her all along; Riley is dangerous to anyone who falls in love with her.

Determined to break the curse, she sets off through England searching for clues. Help comes with a price, however, and when Riley realizes she’s falling for Tom, the handsome professor helping her, she knows she has to act quick…before Tom faces the same fate as her past lovers.

Curse of Gold is a story of romantic suspense, and it is the second book in the Counting Curses series.

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